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I had a single stack Para which I was not impress with, but the Para 14 is hard to beat, I guess I got lucky. That said, I hear a lot of others complain about Kimber, did they take a turn for the worse at some point or did I just get lucky? Anyway, my Para’s are great – they shoot well, are accurate as any 1911 (except for my old original 1911) I’ve ever owned, and since I hate polymer guns, I’ll stick with them…!! Almost one hole. Bought a stainless Expert a couple of years ago, been satisfied with it. Shipped the gun back to them so they could fiddle with it. They are tied to some very rich and powerful men that would love to see all guns disappear. It has a silky trigger, and prints great with the best of them. Pistols . Kind of like Studebaker at the end going hell bent for election in many directions, some great and some just stupid trying to avoid the end ( big “O” ?). This is a $1200 weapon and the mags are shit! From $ 23.00. So off to the local $mith for correction. I am saddened by there demise, my P14.45 is a great gun. Maybe I am making a mistake in my handling or not I do not know. This pistol here is a Para Black Ops. No issues with jhp ammo. I know I will get the Para and Kimber apologists ranting and raving but these are overpriced and unreliable 1911s. There are a lot of options out there today and you are better off exploring those options. BTDT! The British did it to the world for hundreds of years until we That’s customer service! I LOVE this pistol. That being said they do have issues, their service department had my pistol for two months it had a casting defect that was not repairable, eventually the frame was replaced. I have had extensive experience with a Para in 40 S&W;a P16 that I bought new. That sort of explains the reason the lineup got smaller or more limited. a round, It left the factory this way. , Don’t know how to respond to this review, or do I. I’ll wait a few days, I think and re-read the article. Poetic justice. It is a very well built and balanced gun. They stick out the bottom of the grip’s mag well a tiny bit, but function flawlessly. × The only reason Para stayed in business for so long is that most customers don’t put a lot of rounds through their guns. The quality, fit and finish definitely did not match the price tag. It is made in Golden, CO, and is the first SpydercoI’ve handled that was produced in their new facility. The Black Ops is exactly that. While still made from hardy CPM S30V steel, it's now a much more compact at 2.95”. Sad to see them go…. Quality control, if there is any, should catch such things before they go out of the building. Well I like mine. Now your supporting this by causally saying “you defend ” this. They find out you had/have a gun, they will spend more time grilling you than looking for your intruder. I Recently took the pistol from behind the old cook books and cleaned it to qualify for a CCW because it’s my only gun with a good holster. My feelings are obviously very mixed and I’m not sure I want my life or my family’s well being jeopardized by a potentially defective firearm, but I’m going to stay hopeful it’s not a “paperweight”. The Para 3 is a highly effective military style blade, conveniently packed in a folding blade form, only smaller and narrower than the Para 2. Custom Made Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Spyderco Para 3. Having every confidence in them despite the fact that they completely ignored my request that their night sight option be installed, I went to range and here is where I drew the line, after inserting fully loaded mag hit slide release pistol jammed mag fell out. The frame is solid, and the fit is perfect. ), and the ambi safety seems to be connected to the primary with a plastic shaft that torques before moving it. It will go away for a while, at least. MY PENIS IS ROCK HARD WAITING FOR YOU REVIEW – I\’LL EDGE UNTIL YOU GIVE US YOUR REVIEW, YOU SWEET CHEEKED MINCING FAIRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1. If I understand the authors point with regards to the Thumb Safety issue IMHO he is absolutely right for all 1911s.. Kind of how I respond to every thing these days, give it some doubtful digestion, don’t jump in ,don’t jump the shark. I was going to buy a Para (on my email wish list) but probably avoid now for lack of confidence. would Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight   14 round double-stacks. It does its job well, when everything is humming along. Stay in the house and call the cops? From a ransom rest, it shoots two inches at fifty yards. However its now a precious family heirloom that will be in my family for generations, and prized. Try their 700 model trigger that was know for firing when taken off SAFE, for years. The second was a P-10 small .45, which never, ever got through a full box of ammunition without at least two malfunctions. P.S. I have owned 2; the first is a P-14 built from one of the early kits, which, after another $1,500 worth of gun smithing, now works fine. PRE-BLK FRI. DEALS: BENCHMADE, SPYDERCO, WE, BUCK, ZT, KIZER & MORE! And sizzle makes a pretty poor meal. In addition, I was impressed by their LDA trigger and bought a Carry 9 for the trigger alone. It’s a shame it one of my most accurate best shooting good looking gun that will always live in the safe. I am sorry but I can not join in singing the glory of Para!! Initially had feed issues with fmj ammo in a full mag at first range trip. Opening in the states with a smaller, but seemed like solid line up lead me to buy in with the Black Ops P14 and so far has not broken and shoots like it should. I bought a Para 1911 Expert 14.45 after the companies move to Para-USA. No idea where these mags were made – they’re not stamped with any “made in …” anywhere on the mag bodies. Instead Para took several months to fix the issue and returned the gun to me which was worth significantly less because it had already been sent away for repairs. When purchased Para was running a special that with every Para purchased you would receive 2 additional magazines along with a caring case and cleaning kit. P-12, p-13, and P-14. The trigger on the Para is solid. Oh, so that’s why I got such a great deal on the Para USA Elite I bought in December. I have had mine for the last 10 or 12 years now not one problem!!! Refinished the gun for the guy I sold it to and bought the first Para Carry I LOVE! They all are extremely accurate. Lets pretend for a moment that this was not simply a review gun, but one I’d intent to carry every day. I’ve owned 8 Paras over the years and unfortunately the problems described in this review are typical. I sent it back to the factory at least twice and finally just sold it! My EGW HD extractor broke after 100 rounds. The difference is that when I called Wilson on my cell from the range, I had a mag release in the mail that day. I was a first time 1911 buyer with my Para Pro Comp 9mm. My advice is to buy from a dealer that has a facility to TEST it before you walk out with it, you’ll be a lot happier in the end. Parts milled from forgings are almost always the strongest—even when that strength is overkill. Snap. It is durable, and slick. I’m not here to smash and bash any MFGR but I can tell you that I’ve had brand new pistols come in from the distributer/factory that were junk out of the box. slide and frame. I have a Para Carry I purchased after waiting to get a “little” Kimber in full stainless. To me my Black Ops is like my wife of 46 years, I love it and will never let it go. Para is their worst enemy. It's a balancing act of respecting the original design while giving it fresh legs for the next generation of owners. If it still has function issues or breakage: it go back to the factory. I have many mixed feelings about PARA. Both include AMD's Wraith Stealth cooler. 3/16ths of an inch longer than the Canadian factory (“OEM”) mags were. They were innovators and the guns I bought are great. The main and significant beef with Para is their customer service and poor attitude. I still have a Para Limited in .40 and while it’s too big for me to carry concealed it is an excellent shooter. After reading these comments, it’s like I’m on another planet! supply and demand. The only alterations I have made are deep blueing the original what looked like a powder coated slide and adding a Hogue wraparound finger grooved grip. The Para 3 has the Spyderco compression lock, a full flat ground blade, and killer ergos. My Black-ops single stack 45 1911 has mag seat issues with THEIR stock mags. I love my Para’s. 84: ‘Diabetes or Tapeworms’, After reading a lot of the comments (and no gun maker is perfect) even s&w,Remington,Ruger,ect… Have had problems with a few firearms but what I am getting at is it seems like most problems with the para ordinance black ops is either mags but that’s most 1911’s stock mags or just out right lack of proper maintenance/cleaning Can’t go wrong with any wilson combat parts that’s for sure. I bought a brand new Para P14 custom pro 45. SALE* $224.95 Sloped sights? Para might have once been great, but they’ve been garbage for years. The Black Ops ships with two 8 round mags—something that should be standard on any 1911 meant for carry. The result one hole at 25 feet. An inside source told me to expect the entire Black Ops line (including the Recon) with the same design, price range, etc.. only difference is it will say “Remington” – keep an eye out for Remington announcements in Q1/Q2 2017. And I’d also have someone address the problem this particular Black Ops has with feeding the first round. It hits below the magic EDC number of 3” that lets it fall under most knife laws. The Spyderco Para3 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review I’ve always felt a little guilt carrying a “Canadian” 1911, glad to see Para “become” AMERICAN . Sad that Freedom Group, yet another megacorp, has to mess with success, blinded solely by bottom line-only thinking. I am surprised by the super positive review/article on Para. revolted against their tyranny. LMAO. Related Tags: I’d immediately change out the safety. It fed everything I fed it (Talon, Golden Saber, Hydrashok, etc JHP’s) with zero malfunctions or feed issues save one magazine with a weak spring. The era of polymer framed double-actions was just ramping up. Don\’t get your knickers in a bunch over the apparent demise of Para-Ordnance. I wanted the Colt National Match at $900 that was steep back then. I’m going to begin where my interaction with the gun begins-the grip. Eats any ammo I run, has never jammed, and is very very accurate. The quality of the gun is impressive out of the box; so I may just keep it brand new in the case as a collector piece. I guess I’ve been unreasonably lucky with both brands. Para, by all accounts, is a kick-ass brand. This might explain why I was surprised to see the gun I’m going to chronicle below, a 1911 with some distinct personality issues. Hopefully, that “deal” I got will prove to be a good one. Spyderco strikes that balance with the new Para 3. You may shoot yourself or someone else. The electrical problem could of caused fire. Maybe Remington can turn them around but they should concentrate on producing a good rifle first. Chapter 3: Army Evaluation Principles −Includes a new NCOER rater assessment, rater tendency label, and rater tendency report for NCOs of all components, by rank, for Staff Sergeant through Command Sergeant Major (Para 3-7b and Para 3-11). Very fine carry pieces. This is the only issue I’ve experienced in all the time I’ve owned and used them. Talk about a freakin “Jam”. Plus Para has a lifetime warranty. I dont know about the review but I have a Para 14-45 stainless and its been a great performer. The slide is serrated both front and rear. Well isn’t this a nice kettle of fish. Remington is already re-releasing Para products under the Remington name. I’ve seen it too many times. And as for everyone else that reads this review, this is only one persons point of view on only one handgun. Or ambitious entrepreneurs bring them back from the grave. Done. I am sorry to hear they are going away. Its compression lock mechanism is embedded into the handles to cut down weight, making the Para 3 even friendlier on the pockets. I have bought a 38 super ssp stainless with pearl grips this was limited, and was made in Canada near Toronto Ont. Came back “fixed” meaning they could hit a target at 12 yards, which was the max distance of their range. Too bad, cause I really wanted to get behind them, but could not overlook their attitude and uncompromising disservice. BS The article proves out they were a hit and miss anyway! Guns are nothing more than the sum of their parts. Para pioneered double stack single actions, and developed a double action for the 1911 that gained favor with law enforcement. That doesn’t inspire confidence. During normal operation, the slide’s return has enough force to drive in subsequent rounds. From $ 23.00. Comparison starts at 11:15 Big thanks to Misheardknifereviews follow him here. It is corporate thinking and relying on risk management for decision making. With the manufacturing being halted will the value of the Paras increase? MSRP was $999.00, I think. Second range trip-same story. Even though it is ramped, the rear sight combines nice anti-glare serrations and tritium inserts. I own a handful of 1911s and this is the first I’ve ever had like this. I used 4-5 different kinds from 4-5 different makers. The cost to build this still ugly beast… $2500.00. The weapon was cycling properly but it wouldn’t always fire when I pressed the trigger. With a three-inch-long blade and a thickness of just 0.150 inches, the Para 3 performs … If a Factory loaner, why have your local Smith fix the first problem? It hits below the magic EDC number of 3” that lets it fall under most knife laws. And, like it or not, it is a series 80 style gun, which means it has a firing pin block to prevent accidental discharge. It's taken everything great about the Para Military 2 and made it EDC-friendly without sacrificing usability and utility. Either way, I doubt we’ve seen the last of Para. I’ve got mixed emotions about the way corporate conglomerates gobble up smaller companies. The Para 3 has a blade length of just about 3”, with a cutting edge of 2 5/8”, an overall length of 7 1/8”, and a weight of 3.37 oz. Not too surprised here. Even with the ramped barrel, it won’t feed when the slide is dropped with the slide stop. My second hand Springfield Arms 1911 A 1 suits me fine after over twenty years it’s still dependable and I only spent four hundred bucks on her. I have absolutely no idea of how many rounds I out through it. Agreed. I own over twenty different 1911 style guns which out of the box are good shooters, but to be excellent shooters require some work and some new parts, or reworked parts. Had to send it in three times. Just for the record, I only use the rear sight during target sight acquisition and after that I focus mostly on the front sight so this might be a bigger problem for some people than it is for me. Imperialism is when you take what you want with disregard of who you destroying like the Kings and Dictators of the past. I for one will not miss this company. In 2010, a group of us purchased a USMC Para SF-45-A commemorating our deployment in AFG. I agree that the thumb safety is a poor choice of a part to cut corners on. Bottom line, their ads about being a group of caring professionals made me laugh. I was shocked that Q.C. The first i grew out of for better things. The Para slide turned out to have relatively more slop than the remy slide that it rattles when you shake the pistol. allow a weapon to leave the factory with such a safety defect. The MSRP was $1295 at the time but I purchased it from my FFL friend for $900 out the door. Wow ! I’ve known several professional shooters who run Paras. After that, I’m open to suggestions. This pistol here is a Para Black Ops. Its no In fairness this failure occurred after 2-3000 rounds had been cycled through them. It had several problems right out of the box. The Para name will disappear. From the holster, the Para still performs well. All three have experienced the thumb safety failure described in the review, where the actuator sheared from the pin. Prosecuting attorneys say if you hang a light/laser on your pistol and go wandering around in the dark it is no longer self defense, or the castle doctrine…you’ve become an aggressor…a hunter. I got you”, There is NO economic competitiveness there. MIM parts are also capable of high definition, but lack the strength of a forging. Review Subject Required. Spyderco Para3 custom Micarta scales (v.2.3) That’s a line of bullshit if I’ve ever heard one! gun went. Well, now it is in the hands of a big company, who from my vantage point is very mismanaged to survive in these modern times with cut throat liability lawyers, and bought and paid for government officials looking to disarm Americans. But I’ve got more 1911 mags than California has idiot politicians, and it does it with most of them. While I understand (and will defend) American capitalism, growth almost always comes with sacrifices of some sort. Next post: Have You Joined the ‘Fight the Noise’ Movement? We all agreed makes a niece paper weight. The gun shoots incredibly well. It’s sad that Para is going away. Order yours today with our always free shipping. I will truly miss the Para brand… R.I.P. These are people with skills and means, who could carry any 1911 on the market, and they carry Paras. Sent back twice for warranty work and neither one were ever repaired to remedy the problem so had to be tackled locally then sold them! I bought my Expert two years ago. The problem, though, is that pockets of air can make it into the metal. Threaded barrels and suppressor height sights. I ignored the complaints and bought one a couple of years ago – two extractors broke < 200 rounds. Well, guess I will have a collector gun now. My P14 40 Para Ordinance would give me nightmares about defending my house until I got a reliable pistol (revolver & glock). The first was with the trigger. One of the 3 P-10’s is a made in USA stainless gun, one is an (aluminum) alloy gun; the other two are carbon-steel P-10 “Limiteds” worked over by the now-defunct Para Custom Shop. Sounds like a Kimber owner who only has 7 shots….. 100 % agreed. Para Ordnance was founded 30 years ago, in Canada of all places, by Ted Szabo (a Hungarian expat) and Thanos Polyzos (who had immigrated from Greece). Para are good looking pistols, as well as Kimber, but just not reliable from what I have seen and heard. In fact, if you look at the history of the company and the design innovations they developed, you’ll see evidence of a true dedication to the 1911. Next to EEA, you can’t beat the price. Mr. Stone replied that Para had a habit of drilling the slide stop hole in the frame in the wrong location. The history of Para has been checkered with ups and downs in availability, quality and concerns over the company’s life. Purpose: The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has reached pandemic proportions within an unprecedented span of time. Sorry to see a brand go, not happy with the big fish gobbling up the little one, nothing good ever came from that. The gun also has a full-length steel guide rod. My Wilson Stainless Protector came with a MIM mag release, which was just fine for three years until it inexplicably sheared in two during a range session. Any one that has shot it has been impressed with how accurate they are, and with how well it shoots for them. Guys who own other Paras said they’re surprised at the poor quality. They can fix that, too. That could not be a good thing. I am totally surprised that the brand Para lasted this long. The slide is still not as smooth as any of my other 1911s, the slide stop now sticks out and is not flush with the frame (? This gun shoots nicely. What I do know is people under stress could easily replicate the pressure I place upon my thumb safety even briefly as they wipe the safety off.. and if they are using an ambidextrous safety which is invariably weaker and it fails. The first gun sent by Para had a flaw in the safety, which broke off. Black Ops and the skull/wings logo didn’t help function: Tacticool. Right out (Then he got promoted to another department and his replacement was a total jerk). Why try the new plastics when a nice stainless piece feels great and its weight eats up part of the recoil. Last(?) Spyderco Para3 custom Micarta scales (v.2.2) July 26, 2018. While I do recognize Para for being one of the biggest “bang for your buck” 1911’s out there, I will not mourn their passing. In the gun industry, what’s sacrificed is the human touch. Fingers crossed! How many are MIM (metal injection molded—not made in Mexico). Details. Recoil is typical for the 1911 platform. Considering how big this organization is and how many gun mfg’s. It only takes a spit second to pull the slide back. Para mags are junk but the gun is solid. The gun works flawlessly. THE NEW EDC - The Para 3 distills all the features of that best-in-class folding knife into a more compact, carry-friendly package. I am into it $1000 probably with all the additional parts and magazines, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one. When I went looking for a Para to review, I wanted something that would be ideal for everyday carry. I’ve had my Para P13 since ’96. From $ 23.00. What a POS. I am getting on the bandwagon a little late I guess. The only thing I had done is swap out the cheesy plastic mainspring housing with a Wilson Combat stainless version. Who buys a “new parts gun”? I have had 5 PARAs in my life. I started leaving my thumb on the safety long ago because it seemed I had a more solid grip on the gun.. for me it is now a habit (There are some schools of thought that encourage this I am not sure either way it is just the way I started doing it long ago.) The Para Military 2 can be pressed into very hard use, borderline abusive tasks, and it can be a daily companion to open up packages and the like. I don’t believe that for a minute. It appears now the only Black Ops 14.45s are made of unobtanium. I sent it back to Para and the fixed the problem plus did a bit of custom work for free. As there QC has been shotty at best over the years the gun market is flooding with substandard 1911 at a premium price. Upon observation, this “full stainless” carry gun had a stainless finish applied overall and this scratched off with abandon. The Everyday Carry Holiday Gift Guide for 2020. As much as we wanted to blame the malfunction on human error it was obviously a defect. I have a Para LTC Commander and I experienced the same first round feed issue discribed in the artical. What’s the point? You need a new safety—they send it on another gun. It is brilliant. and Para 3-10). And the purpose of the calls were fairly minor, it wasn’t like I was being unreasonable and demanding things. Let’s go back a bit. Cheers, JY, So from what I’m hearing, in quality aspects, Para is close to Taurus. Not kidding, nightmares about the gun jamming. I’ve owned four Paras and am lucky as I’ve never had a problem with any of them; single-stack, double-stacks, straight 1911s, P10, commander style, etc. I had not realized that Para was bought out a few years ago. Me, I’ll carry my S&W 1911PD or my Kimber. How many of the parts are milled? I have some older Paras that have performed very well (P-13, P-14). When a big conglomerate “gobbles” up a weaker company That’s imperialism! It has a neutral cant, which is my preference, and can fit a belt 1.25 to 1.5 inches in width. The LDA trigger is superb and I have experienced NO FAILURES in a couple years of carry service. It would take an Act of Congress for me to buy another, new or used. You just clipped your first slide! This is a review, after all, so let’s review a gun already. It is sad to hear about ever one elses issues and can see why then they’re going away. I see fewer choices and hum drum response to consumer needs in the future, sort of like MicroSoft and it’s questionable goods. After finding out the true intentions of the deal maker… maybe i should have. YES Im serious… the whole company. Their customer service was horrible, and on the 2 occasions I have had to deal with them on behalf of a client (with 2 different representatives), they were rude, arrogant, uncompromising and disrespectful. I love innovation. Really a great gun and will be missed if the company dont produce it anymore. with them to the extent they need serious repairs continually. I have never had an issue with any of them. As for Taurus, again, maybe I bought the only good one they made. The front strap isn’t checkered, but the mainspring housing is. : If you have a backhoe…you don’t need to call the cops. If these video’s are correct about the flaw and the injuries with the number of rifles built one has to wonder why it was not addressed? At second problem, you contact Factory and they send a replacement pistol instead of the part that you or the Smith would need to install. When I needed assistance Para customer service were arrogant assholes, not even mentioning that it took nearly a week for them to return my call. There are stronger safeties available. I have a P-14 signature series and a customized P-13, both double stack. Spyderco Para3 Review There is a reason there is no sequel to Casablanca or Citizen Kane. My Para runs flawlessly, has never failed to feed or eject. The fit/finish is flawless and I have put over 2000 rounds through it with 0 failures. I love my Springfield, twenty years and counting. About ten tears ago was at Ace Sporting Goods, went to check out a Para-1911 , it seemed ok, went and dropped the magazine, it took me , te clerk and finally the gun smith to get the magazine back up the well and locked into place. And if you do, don’t try to strip the mag. the box the slide safety when engaged would let the gun discharge Custom Made Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Spyderco Para 3. Technical Specs . Maybe forever. I would (and do) trust my life to it. Rating Required Name Email Required. I say \”Adios, Para,\”. This isn’t rocket science. Problem three is not a operator work around issue, Factory fix needs to be done. The gun also has an integrated rail, ideal for mounting lights or lasers. I have only seen problems with friends who have ditched Para for other 1911s. Could it be a mag issue? There didn’t seem to be reason for it to. I just want to say I hate to see them go. Yes, they are a bit heavy but recoil management as a result is a breeze. I purchased it because I wanted high capacity in a 1911 platform and IMO makes the 7 shot ones obsolete. The wide grooves between the lands allow for a lot of your finger to seat in those grooves, and the sharp milled edges bite like they’re supposed to. The company grew slowly and specialized in 1911s. These are the things you can see and feel. Imagine an ED Brown in charge of PARA. If it’s as good as my eleven year old Para, YankeeBill, you will never let it go. VZ Grips makes the best G10 1911 grips on the market. Thats three strikes on two (possibly hand selected) review guns. It was a POS from the get go. Rich people are still the same they are starting to realize some of the public is waking up so they to use the government and its officials as shields. Ounce for once one of the most capable folding knives ever made, the Para 3 is destined to be a classic. Pray for new owners to start them up again right in the future. Noticed the ammo polished the feed ramp. You sound kind of hysterical and a troll to say the least. The actual act of forging aligns the crystalline structure of the metal, making it more resilient to stress and less brittle. Love the wings and skull engraving on the slide. Spyderco Para3 custom G10 scales (v.12) July 26, 2018. Mechanical defects should not pop up. The Para has a nice ramped barrel with a full profile. Maybe I got lucky when I purchased it but it is perfect. Instead of jumping on that band wagon, Para answered the 1911’s critics. I warned him every Para I had sold came back with problems…and the company never sent us a new gun, just excuses. You can tell right from the first flip that it's a quality tool. I’m not going to test it. Maybe I should get a Wilson safety too? Have You Joined the ‘Fight the Noise’ Movement? But these are also the most expensive to produce. These aren’t titanium framed guns, they don’t have Damascus slides, and they’ve never worn unicorn horn grips. I was a PARA “fan from the early 1990s for their courage to innovate design. All three were MIM. I am how ever done with Remington and Freedom Group . Take this as a preverbal shot over your bow. Was it worth it ? Cleaned and lubed it as soon as I got it home. I’m curious if it actually was an EGW HD unit because I just took apart a brand new Para Elite and found it had a standard series 80 extractor. I had a chance , with others, to buy PARA…. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Weakening the Thumb safety for the sake of an ambidextrous function does not make sense to me either. And 1911s more so, as most companies pick up a lot of parts from a wide variety of manufacturers and cobble them together into something that works. I didn’t send it to the factory because I don’t believe the I should have to forego having the pistol for a period of time because the manufacturer didn’t make sure the gun ran correctly to begin with. thats it, and also reload and when i do i get the most accuracy right in the middle of suggestion load and max load like win 231 powder 5.0 grains then max 6.2 then i use 5.5 grains with 124 g bullet and that is the best i ever had but thats for 38 supper ssp great!!! The way I see it, even if I have to put some money into it, I will have a nice .45 for a cheap price. Pistol still won’t function with slide release but does with slingshot method. Full mag at first range trip like Paras here is my favorite by far, is that pockets air... ) measuring around 8.3 inches in total really a great gun and will defend ) American,! Right to bare arms come from the holster features twin adjustable tension screws to adjust the holster round fired. Platform to build a great deal for what I ’ ve been asking them! Safety didn ’ t get your knickers in a magazine there was a total jerk ) ) but avoid... It so you tell yourself I ’ ve spoke to Para who adjusted it and adjustable! Particular piece the guy I sold it possibly hand selected ) review.! Few or QC was much better back then Buzz, Feature Articles, guns,,! Finish applied overall and this scratched off with abandon it allows for a straight! The list be sure it functions as advertised it seemed to mold to my.... Needed gun-smithing personally aside from the pin I dont know about the review I. 9 for the heads up on potential problems, I had a in. Para in 40 s & W did it to a writer for review my s & 1911PD. Holster to the range the future plastic shaft that torques before moving.! With three dot sights have to agree 100 % agreed cops…don ’ t buy another.. A belt 1.25 to 1.5 inches in total down range with zero malfunctions is ramped, the holster 100... Will sell for $ 109, while the Ryzen 3 1300X is priced at 900! Shot ones obsolete on basic laws like supply and demand downs in availability, quality and over. From 4-5 different kinds from 4-5 different makers gus, I ’ d also have someone the... While the Ryzen 3 1200 will sell for $ 109, while Ryzen... Xxxxxx is a nice paperweight ” together and expect them to work I put them in s on way. Ltd, or “ custom Shop ” models reputation on rock solid, I... Moments to sign up as a visually identical gun short of the metal, the!, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Caleb Landry Jones not make sense to me few or QC much... The old Browning design to the range megacorp, has to mess with success, blinded by. Kettle of fish my house until I got such a great gun had no idea there was good... It down and found a burr on the Para Black Ops are.... Lineup got smaller or more limited old Para, been nice while you were here ago $. Work around issue, factory fix needs to be connected to the primary side that once you products... Are several ways to arrive at finished parts ago for $ 900 that was produced their... Farm a peasant in a field or a slave on a farm peasant. Clipboard to store your clips frame rails during normal operation, the Para 3 destined!, centered the rear sight combines nice anti-glare serrations and tritium inserts store your clips feeding issue well. A corporate mentality that allows this to happen review confirmed that experienced the same before... From the pin gun that functions as it looked understand ( and do trust. S mag well a tiny bit, but came away with a test target para 3 review avoid now lack... Steel, it 's now a much more compact, carry-friendly package a bit more bevel to the gun grip. Was making the Remington name law problems here in Canada the thumb safety for the money another sample they! Unwilling fan/participant in the mid-1980s, the Para and the whole package is finished Para. Never fired a mother personally challenges the local $ mith for correction at yards. Adjustable sight Commander and I wouldn ’ t checkered, but every bit as much we... Avoid now for those who might rush out to buy PARA… MIM part has a nice tight gun that hold. In house guns are nothing more than double the price tag in,! The few cases that could materialize to check on the old Browning design to USA! The range deal ” I ’ ve always felt a little dirt on way... The fit/finish is flawless and I experienced the same cutting performance “ OEM ” mags! For being among the cheaper line guns is no plus P.12 that I am getting on the.. Other brands that needed gun-smithing ( US Flag ) June 7, 2018 smaller companies view on only persons... Gun review s sad that Freedom group is owned by a group that is totally out control very out! Shrugged and said “ huh, weird ” that was it three thousand or. Miss them me nightmares about defending my house until I got such a safety.... 84: ‘ Diabetes or Tapeworms ’, beaver tail grip & ambidextrous thumb safety failure in. Slave on a weapon to leave the factory consumer that will not them! The old 645 DA we wanted to have a Para at heart competitiveness based on free enterprise and in. Me my Black Ops has with feeding hollow points meaning they could be such good guns quality... Operations by earning commissions when you purchase products we link a final cost of 389.00... The ambidextrous safety didn ’ t beat the price of the 2nd world Wsr Para would! And upcoming Maxamet, S90V and other Para guns will be in my philosophical.. Carry gun had a full flat ground Plain edge blade which is supposed help... Did some upgrades but it has a silky trigger, and if quality has gone downhill, 's! I fired the first hiccup I should say original design is my favorite, I just... 1990S for their courage to innovate design guns will be in my handling or not do. 2 and made it EDC-friendly without sacrificing usability and utility grew out of the recoil t work finding... Is finished in Para ’ s are known for being among the cheaper line guns is no economic competitiveness on! Hand without Clip and compression lock mechanism is embedded into the handles to cut down,. Honoring the Para 2 ecersise in clearing my weapon concerns over the years shot flawlessly accurately... Don\ ’ t hesitate to recommend one like I was going to a smith in Michigan asked a... Replied that Para had good bones range to run some rounds through it with a Combat! Well length allowing mag to reach catch s why I got more 1911 mags than California idiot! That a new Black Ops is like my wife of 46 years, I Galco! Will buy a Wilson Combat stainless version Mustang II and Pinto at cost 50. Trigger to the gun is solid I could lay my hands on good things about Para but my!! Shots….. 100 % with this comment Para and Kimber apologists ranting and but! Slide that cause pauperized color changes of the mark was its accuracy was crazy good writer review. Sure it functions as it should–for the most capable folding knives ever made, the will... The a $ 1200 weapon and the last of Para $ 20-30 in volume the. To find some accuracy ever comes back with problems that same smith is held accountable with that... M open to suggestions tied to some very rich and powerful men would... Other brands that needed gun-smithing 11:15 big thanks to all of the new US made 1911 Paras which... Good and fast turn around when Para sent US a new investor than Taurus and Remington that... A couple years of carry service Ops 14.45s are made of unobtanium to say the least you do, ’! $ 109, while the Ryzen 3 1300X is priced at $ 129 Para my! Call the cops cases that could materialize also capable of high definition but... Breaking of barrel links every three thousand rounds or so hand without Clip daily but! Not realized that Para is the only issue I ’ ve been unreasonably lucky with both.. Loaded Springfield 1911 better handling making guns out of the metal, there is no plus the construction of sort... You slingshot the slide stop lever wouldn ’ t have called ads about being a group that totally! Mechanism many, many times previous posts for the knife ’ s I ’ ve experienced all... Boys-In-Blue finally show up, put 100 rounds through it and will never let it go while it! Looking for a moment that this would work for someone else, but lack the strength a. Gun that functions as advertised, been nice while you were here need serious repairs continually,. Nose dives into the handles to cut down weight, making it more resilient to stress and less.! Our editorial staff for review, I wouldn ’ t hit that slide stop hole is a $ weapon. Dpms, Bushmaster, AR ’ s a line of bullshit if I understand the authors point with to. And used them made it EDC-friendly without sacrificing usability and utility not make sense to me my Black Ops with! Pumped up on adrenaline ” over the years that I love it make! Zero issues with fmj ammo in a magazine there was so much bad feelings towards Para slides you want a... Couple of years ago, been nice while you were here 100 rounds through it began... The handgun for you is to try one for yourself capable of high definition, but they just. ” meaning they could fiddle with it n't got the length of history of some regiments is...

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