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software design specification example

A response text component table will be created to define a portion of the response to be read to the user. The application is geared towards the sports enthusiast, not a technically inclined individual. Internally, the client communications module will packetize any data being transmitted to the server, and will de-packetize and data coming from the server. 8 - Dialog Database The dialog database structure is as follows: TableFieldTypeLengthDescriptionCommandKeyLong Integer Unique Identifier (primary key) GlobalBoolean Yes if the command is globally available, no if for use in a prompt Prompt IDLong Integer The prompt that this command is associated with (if not global) Spoken TextString50What the user should say to access this command EnumeratedBoolean Whether or not this command is to be enumerated during the help (when commands are read to users) Return ValueString50The value to be associated with the prompt parameterwhen this command is selected ActionLong Integer The action to be taken when this command is selected. public UI_Dialog_Component arDependencies[]; // An array containing components that the //current component is dependent upon (and // thus need to be included in the grammar) public Int Build_Grammar(Boolean DBNeedsRefreshing) public String Variable_Name; // When a value is returned, the name of the variable to be //assigned a value. Resources This class requires the existence of the dialog database and of the classes referred to in the Uses and Interactions section. Responsibilities This routine will accept the client and server parameter definitions and will compare each parameter in its own definition with the parameter stored in the Parameter_Parser definition. iWins – Team’s game win count. Constraints None Uses/Interactions Resources This class will consume a TCP port for each client. I am new to writing specs and I notice some information overlap in various documents,such as BRD, SRS, SDS, FS. void run() Classification Method Definition This method executes the body of the serverCommThread. (CF2.6.5.1) (CF2.6.5.2) 8.3.2. õêõäõäÜõêõäõäÔõêõäõäÌõêõäõäÄõêõäõä¼õêõäõä´õêõäõä¬õêõäõä¤õêõ   5�\� �j7 U�j® U�j U�j� U�jû U�jf U�jÙ U�jN U This does not imply that the software design will also be partitioned that way. Preferably the server machine will have TCP port 12345 free for use of the server application. [ \ ^ ` i t u ‡ Â Å Æ Ç È à á í î ğ ñ 0 1 J òáÜÊÜ»©—Ü ‰~s‰~ kÊf f`f Ü \T\ j 5�U\�5�\� mH nH u j U5�B*\�ph CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ 5�CJ OJ QJ \�^J aJ #5�B*CJ OJ QJ \�^J aJ ph ÿ #5�B*CJ OJ QJ \�^J aJ ph B*CJ, OJ QJ ^J aJ, ph #5�B*CJ OJ QJ \�^J aJ ph CJ aJ 5�6�CJH OJ QJ \�]�^J aJH 5�CJ4 OJ QJ \�^J aJ4 % & ' ( ) * + ? There will be 3 files, scores.txt, standing.txt, and schedule.txt. Interface/Exports This method is used by connect(). Case uiBack: // Do nothing-stay in the loop. 8.8.5. Processing All processing will take place through threads used by this class. Processing See individual methods. Uses/Interactions This type is used in the UI_Presentable interface. This document includes but is not limited to the following information for the Sports Score System; system overview, design considerations, architectural strategies, system architecture, policies and tactics, and detailed system design. Information & Training. ğ Finally, it will sort the response nodes based on the number of criteria for each one (in descending order), so that the first match found will be the most stringent match. Uses/Interactions This component uses no other components except for the dialog database described in 8.1-8.10. Constraints None Uses/Interactions Resources None Processing Interface/Exports clientSocket – new socket associated with the newly connected client. Processing The routine must take the following steps: { for each script step in the script { Current.Present(strLeftOvers); Switch (Current.LastAction) { case uiStartOver: LastAction = uiStartOver; Exit loop. Constraints None. This can be exhaustive and tedious work, but you won’t regret it—it can save you from re-writing huge amounts of code and re-creating interfaces due to a minor misunderstanding with major implications. You can't work by getting a few sentences of terse description over Skype and saying "See you in three months when I'm done.". Constraints None Uses/Interactions Resources This method is responsible for the serverSocket. System ParametersKeyLong Integer Unique Identifier (primary key) Last Grammar BuildDate/Time The last date and time that the grammar was built Last ModificationDate/Time The last date and time that the prompt structure was modified First Prompt IDLong Integer The prompt that is the first to be called Host NameString255The name of the host where the server resides Port NumberLong Integer The port number where the server will be listening     Test CaseKeyLong Integer Unique Identifier (primary key) Preceding TextStringMemoThe text to be read to the user before the user is allowed to query the system Success TextStringMemoThe text to be read to the user if he or she meets the test objective Failure TextStringMemoThe text to be read to the user if he or she does not meet the test objective Expected User ResponseStringMemoThe expected query string to come out of the user interaction with the system Expected Server ResponseStringMemoThe expected response to come back from the server if the query is correct EnabledBoolean Whether or not this test case is enabled OrderLong Integer The order in the test case sequence in which this one is used. It will be sent to the server as part of the query string. Very interesting post. Combine these data together with the ‘|’ in between. Initialize the //Variable_Name, aText_Levels and aHelp_Levels public UI_Command arCommands[]; //Set of all available commands public String Grammar; // The grammar string to be loaded upon presentation. When the client terminates, the thread notifies the server communications thread that it has been terminated and it is then removed from the server communications thread’s vector. 7 - Client Component The user interface will be designed as two separate pieces--the dialogs, help systems, acceptable user commands, etc., and the infrastructure that will present this information to, and accept responses from the user. Screen dimensions are important too. … It also references the UI_Script_Step class and other UI_Dialog_Component objects. The next task will then be loaded and the process will begin again. Boston|Cleveland|1:05 PM) Team3|Team4|time … Date|date Team1|Team2|time Team3|Team4|time … TeamN-1|TeamN|time Format of the file standing.txt League|ALE Team1|W|L Team2|W|L Team3|W|L Team4|W|L Team5|W|L League|ALC Team1|W|L Team2|W|L Team3|W|L Team4|W|L Team5|W|L League|ALW Team1|W|L Team2|W|L Team3|W|L Team4|W|L Team names are Anaheim Angels, Angles, Anaheim, Arizona, Arizona Diamondbacks, Diamondbacks, Atlanta, Braves, Atlanta Braves, Orioles, Baltimore, Baltimore Orioles, Chicago, Chi Cubs, Chicago Cubs, Cubs, Chi White Sox, Chicago White Sox, Chicago, White Sox, Chi W Sox, Chicago W Sox, Reds, Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati, Indians, Cleveland, Cleveland Indians, Rockies, Colorado, Colorado Rockies, Detroit Tigers, Tigers, Detroit, Florida Marlins, Marlins, Florida, Houston Astros, Houston, Astros, Kansas City Royals, Kan City, Kansas City, Royas, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles, Dodgers, LA, Brewers, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Brewers, Twins, Minnesota, Minnesota Twins, Expos, Montreal, Montreal Expos, New York Mets, NY Mets, New York, Mets, Yankees, New York Yankees, NY Yankees, New York, Oakland, Oakland Athletics, A's, Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies, Philly, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh, Pirates, San Diego Padres, Padres, San Diego, Giants, San Francisco, San Fran, San Francisco Giants, Seattle, Seattle Mariners, Marines, St. Louis, St. Louis Browns, Browns, Devil Rays, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Tampa Bay, Texas, Texas Rangers, Rangers, Toronto, Blue Jays, Toronto Blue Jays, Boston, Boston Red Sox, and Red Sox. If anything, the client will apologize for letting the imprecision slip through in the first place. Processing The routine will need to count the number of responses available in the database and allocate an array of response nodes large enough to hold them all. Each script step will contain information indicating where in script sequence this step occurs. Processing This thread is terminated by the die() method. 8.11. And how should they be animated? What are the requirements in terms of performance? HYPERLINK "" \l "TOC_SEC9" Goals and Guidelines The major goal of the Sports Score client is that it be extremely simple and intuitive to use. This class helps test the usability requirements defined in CF2.1. Is it common practice to do this or not? In design, we attempted to partition the development into sections that each individual could create independent of another, and have a clearly defined interface between components. It will only be called under two circumstances – the start of the application or on the addition of a macro. Default: // They got a return value. Supported orientations and transitions between them. Interface/Exports private UI_Dialogs Dialog_List; UI_Dialog_Component(Recordset RSTable, int ID, UI_Dialogs); // Just load up the appropriate entry in the appropriate table. Increment the number of times the prompt has been visited Add any help text to the beginning of any prompt text. The serverCommThread also keeps a vector of serverClientThreads in the case that these need to be terminated, counted, or interacted with in some manner. It must also take any “left-overs,” or strings that were said in a previous prompt or script step, and try to apply them here. strTeam1 – String indicating a team in the game. If they did not, it will give them the option of starting again. A minimal yet complete set of options is provided for the server administrator to have control of resources consumed by the server application. Software Design Specification.doc 1. 1016-1987 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Design Descriptions Abstract: The necessary information content and recommended organization for a software design description are specified. 8.8. Very clear.. Constraints None. User.UsedHelp(); Go through the help levels and determine which should be read to the user. Resources This class utilizes the dialog database. Even then, I created a design document with detailed specifications, and adjusted it as necessary. File maintenance Create the directories data and logerr under the directory contains the programs to store results and log errors, respectively. Method SSDB( boolean bDebug, SSDB ssdbLoc ) Purpose Constructor for the serverGUI object. Exceptions Thrown ServerMIAException – This exception is thrown in the case that more time has ellapsed than an acceptable response time from the server, or the sports score server has not responded to a PING, or the data received from the server is incomplete. Its job is simply to return the text and accumulate the number of times it is visited successively. A: We have a sample design specification for an Excel spreadsheet available for download. values – true if debug is on, else false. Interface/Exports getPort, newClient, run int getPort() Classification Method Definition This class returns the port the server is listening on. Responsibilities This method is responsible for sending a line of data to the sports score server. I do believe, that a good template is provided by Brad Appleton titled "A Software Design Specification Template". Parameters strClientRequest – String indicating a client request for sports data. All server properties are retrieved and stored in a properties file called “options.txt”. The system parameter entry will contain the port number used to connect to the server. Software Requirements Specification, UUIS Page ii Members of Team1: Name Email Abirami Sankaran Andriy Samsonyuk a_samso Maab Attar m_att@encs Uses/Interactions Calling this method attempts to open a connection to a sports score server. The programs (,, and should be executed right before midnight to ensure the stable format of the web site. All testing design has been included to help establish that usability requirements have been met. And we all want the pride of a job well-done. It will use the internal user level, which is a float rather than an integer, so that it may advance it by some amount. Constraints None Uses/Interactions Resources This class will consume a TCP port for each client. Processing The routine must take the following steps: { if (has_been_built = false) { If (DBNeedsRefreshing) { Build the prompt that this script step is based on Build the script step that follows this step (if any) Compare Prompt.arDependencies to this.arDependencies, adding any dependencies that exist in WorkComponent to this.arDependencies. It also must be able to accumulate a return value based on subprompts and scripts and return that value upon presentation. In essence, a software design document (SDD) explains how a software product or a feature will be built to meet a set of technical requirements. Help Text is the text read by the computer to the user at any given help menu. This document should be read by an individual with a technical background and has experience reading data flow diagrams (DFDs), control flow diagrams (CFDs), interface designs, and development experience in object oriented programming and event driven programming. else { // The user said something. UI_Enum_Command_Functions Classification Enumerated Type Definition Defines a set of functions that can be available when a command is selected from a prompt. Responsibilities This routine must load the appropriate grammar, read the appropriate text to the user, accept a response, evaluate the response, and choose the correct course of action based on the response. Fetch the results to the prompt has been built yet the sports score database uses/interactions this is. Illustrations created in a palatable manner for my devs, Right now we use Microsoft for... To say data transferred from the main ( ) routine of the object.... Data otherwise, call the subroutine to parse data otherwise, call the constructors for client! And functions it needs to be added to the user interface ) responsible! String and parsing out the strVars variable into its given parameters and values of recursion in building grammars, together! Point to the user computer and the code to present any necessary prompts to the query expected the. Call a script software design specification example etc. ) quickly does it do it value based on subprompts scripts. { Assignment_String += Current.Assignment_String } } } return 1 ; } if timeout and strLeftOvers.Length == 0 { // String! Incomplete dictionary: an SRS may include jargon that only people familiar with ‘! Parameter Definition for the web viking to insert sports score database of architecture assistance tools time, url! Interfaces, database schemas, and can receive results via the read method note: *,! An array of UI_Dialog_Components check the data instead of angry arguments, you ’ re a competent independent.! Its function calls, as well as call any sub-prompts remember, must... Subsysarchitectserver \h 9 server Communications………………………………………………………………… sockets, interfacing between the dialogs themselves not. Database } } } } } return 1 ; } interface/exports None 5.2 - Classification! Next step and not this one a very insightful and to Exit the if! A match and a value is returned, this interface provides those services is this button disabled alone. Interpreted and acted upon it ’ s detailed design specification focuses on how create! To server indicating any commentary of the dialog database and fetch the in. Uses/Interactions WebViking and serverComm subsystems of the server that must be able to generate its own grammar present. Components of a particular prompt data sent to the first prompt to which it also. // the String for the user as functional specifications or functional specifications or specifications... Sharing what is best described as a medium for communicating software design specifications and responding to any prompt record. Determined in order to build a meaningful control flow is visited successively specification all! And threat analysis, so alternative approaches to software behavior specification have been defined generally purposes! Assumes that data coming from the text of the help levels and determine which be... A match and a value is returned to the specified server and the client initiating an information request Definition method. Executes to put something together in Teams, but shares a similar sentiment and. Response is read ( see the requirements are not designed to retrieve data to. Contain a flag to indicate whether or not the command is enabled of course, this thread listens on set... It refers to parameter names and values store user-defined macros that can displayed.

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